07 April 2011

The Stirring

There is something in a gentle spring breeze that awakens a dormant part of me.  I am internally stirred by those first warm heralds of the season. These stirrings are profoundly moving and refreshing. I breath them in deeply and a smile comes easily to my face.

It reminds me of something that God does in my heart from time to time. He brings a warm breeze that awakens my soul. Sometimes its during an insignificant event like taking out the trash that I  glance up at the sky and I am moved. Other times it comes through an honest conversation, a simple song or complex composition; many times I am moved by a Scripture or a memory. Often it is through a beautiful picture or well told story. These moments give me a glimpse into a world that is richer, deeper and truer than the everyday grind. We can experience them with a glance at the open sea, through a great meal with great company, a romantic evening of deep connection or a thousand other places.

We all have them. I think its the Spirit nudging us, waking us up to a world we are missing. What do we do when we realize that there is a world beyond our common experience? I'm no expert but I've attempted a few things so far.

Savor the moment. I try to linger in the moment with God and ask Him what He's doing. Then I try to write it down to remember, to revisit and to relive those moments of clarity because they help me navigate life on a deeper level.

Share the moment. Like a composer laboring to bring haunting notes from within into the light of day I attempt to fold those moments into the things I create. At other times I share it in a note, a quick hug or a passing smile. I share it in a deep conversation or a story.

Seek the moment's meaning. I try to let it fuel my pursuit of deeper things and let it lead me on a path of deeper discovery. What is God saying? Sometimes I'll just pray: God I can't awaken myself, only you raise the dead and numb, open my eyes to see what I cannot see. And I leave it at that.

  “Awake, you who sleep,
      Arise from the dead,
      And Christ will give you light.”


  1. I needed this today. As I went to sleep last night I was troubled by many things...most of all the desire or need to see the hand of God in our present circumstances: as I watch my brave sister suffer with debilitating pain and wait day after day for her doctors to decide what to do; as my daughter-in-law and son wait to lose the baby that died at least 10 days ago; as I see my precious daughter living a life that is surely killing her one day at a time; as my husband sends out resumes and follows every lead he can find but still has no work; as we contemplate what local body of believers we are to join with to worship and serve; as I read facebook entries from my blessed children who are blind to the truth of God's love; as I see a hosile work environment hurting a friend; as I spend time with those I love who live a sleeping walk with God; as I struggle to be kind, respectful and compassionate with those I am called to serve. I notice the smells of Spring and hear the birdsong as I step out the door and delight in the wonder of my Savior and Creator for the moment. But though I am anchored to the Rock and my hope is in God...my feet are stuck in worry.

  2. I am also just beginning to savor more moments, which to me is to not always bring to the forefront of my thinking that these are awful short times in comparison to the total. Take it, enjoy it. The second blinding hindrance to my moments is the jumping to the reality of what will mostly be the future experience. Take the smile now, enjoy the silly laugh, even though you may be climbing out of the foxhole shortly,